Jim Lytle, President


(951) 200 2344

As President of the Rancon Group, Mr. Lytle oversees the acquisition of assets and is responsible for developing marketing strategies for the Rancon Group’s investment vehicles.

Mr. Lytle works closely with members of the Rancon Investment Opportunity team where he helps formulate offerings, create market strategies and conduct informational meetings for partners and investors. He has played a major role in forming partnerships and investment offerings including Bundy Canyon Estates ($1.7 million), the Rancon Equity Asset Program ($5 million), and Europa Village ($7 million).

Prior to taking the helm with Rancon Group in 2007, Mr. Lytle served in multiple capacities for the Rancon Group and Rancon Real Estate Corporation. He joined Rancon Real Estate in 2000 as an agent, and then was appointed to the Rancon Group Builder Developer Team where he is still active. As a member of this elite team of agents and brokers, Mr. Lytle participates in land acquisition, entitlement, infrastructure improvements and more for Rancon holdings in Southwest Riverside County. He is actively involved in the sales of major projects throughout the area.

In addition to his duties with Investment Opportunities and the Builder Developer teams, Mr. Lytle serves as Project Manager for Bridges at Winchester Ranch, a 104-lot residential subdivision at the eastern gateway to the project. Lytle also currently oversees the Bridges Winchester, LLC, which is private partnership of investors formed to facilitate the Bridges project.

Mr. Lytle has more than two decades experience in real estate sales, marketing and management. In 1985, he founded Sky Climbers, which became the City of San Diego’s largest privately owned building services company. Prior to founding Sky Climbers, Mr. Lytle served eight years in the U.S. Navy as Senior Electronics Technician.

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