And So We Did

"When you once get an idea in which you believe with all your heart, work it out."

- Henry Ford

- And So We Did! -

In our recent "Industry News Blog" post, The Phoenix Rises, we announced that the Salt Creek Sewer contract was awarded on November 19th and that the Low Pressure and High Pressure water systems had a Benefit Assessment formed through EMWD. More on their estimated completions later!

The area known as SP-293, or Winchester Ranch, has a sub-section that runs north and south of Domenigoni Parkway, between Briggs Road and SR 79, south of Salt Creek - and we call that Conestoga. Rancon Group and Strata Equity Group have teamed up to form a new Partnership known as S.R. Conestoga to develop that area and bring in the much needed infrastructure to once again make it attractive to homebuilders.

For 43 years the Rancon Group has been entitling and developing in Riverside County, and since 2001 has been heavily invested in the area we call Conestoga. Just like Henry Ford, we had an idea, a vision of a Master Planned Community set in a picturesque valley with trails and parks, good schools, and located along a major transportation corridor. A place where families could live, work and play in harmony with the surrounding natural setting. Where artifacts were preserved and open space was embraced as being an integral part of the heritage and the amenities for all to enjoy.

Now we just had to work it out! Like Henry Ford, we knew where our strengths and where our weaknesses were, so we set out to "surround ourselves with the smartest people" that would help make our project, our vision, a reality and a success. A place where people would want to call HOME! After many years of searching, we found the right partner in our friends at Strata Equity. A company with team members who share the same goals and vision for the future of Conestoga that we do.

Strata Equity Group

Strata was formed in 1983 as Strata Equity Group, Inc., and has investment projects in the areas of Land Development, Commercial, Multi-Family, Single-Family, and Solar Energy - primarily in the Western United States.

With a clear vision of the future, Strata Equity Group identifies underutilized land and undervalued income properties and converts them into highly profitable developments and investments. Strata Equity Group's record of success is based on a formula predicated on three fundamental principles: 1) Predicated location and concept of the property, 2) Understanding the real estate market cycles (timing), and 3) The overall deal structure of the transaction.

Together we have assembled a team of recognized professional consultants in real estate, engineering, legal and accounting practices to assure every transaction is handled with efficiency and expertise.

We look forward to updating you as we continue to finalize the entitlements and install all of the necessary improvements for buildable lots in what will surely be a masterfully planned community many will call Home!

Jim Lytle, Managing Director

The Rancon Group

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