Rancon Helping Build Missing Link

Menifee Road will connect dots in the City’s circulation infrastructure

The City of Menifee is looking ahead. With marked improvements in the real estate market, and more “residents joining the community,” the city has set an ambitious traffic circulation plan with no less than seven major infrastructure projects planned as part of its five-year, $100 million Capital Improvement Program.

The plan includes an “ultimate” build freeway interchange at Newport Road, at an estimated cost of $30 million. This project will require improving current traffic circulation elements prior to the start of construction of the overpass to ease traffic congestion during the construction period, which is scheduled to start early next year (2014).

“The City is taking a pro-active approach to improving current traffic circulation elements and building infrastructure to support its future growth, and we will continue to be involved in that effort” says Jeff Comerchero, President and CEO Rancon Group. “A key part of Menifee’s circulation plan is to connect arterial roads to major arteries and we just happen to have a project that is contiguous with a missing link of the City’s circulation element.”

The missing link is a half-mile portion of Menifee Road that will connect Aldergate Drive and Simpson Road and create a continuous north / south thoroughfare east of Interstate 215. This portion of the road is contiguous with Eldorado, a Rancon Group / Eldorado Ventures project.

“Eldorado Ventures and their local partners The Rancon Group have partnered with the City to bring this project to fruition,” said Jonathan Smith, Public Works Director for the City of Menifee in a prepared statement. “Paving the missing link makes Menifee Road a continuous north / south option for residents through east Menifee.  Residents have been looking forward to this for some time and will be able to use this as an alternate route during upcoming construction projects.”

Eldorado Ventures and its partners will foot most of the bill for the project, which is estimated to cost $5 million. The City will contribute $1.5 million in funding and will be reimbursed from county mitigation fees (TUMF). The missing link is well underway and expected to be completed this year (2013).

“The timing of this project worked out very well for all parties,” says Comerchero. “With the market coming back, Eldorado was ready to build and the road needed to be constructed. At the same time, the City was already involved with the ultimate build of the overpass, and they really needed another north / south connector to ease traffic during the construction period.”

This is the second transportation infrastructure project the Rancon Group has been involved with in the Menifee area. In the mid 2000s, Rancon was one of the key players in forming a CFD to construct Domenigoni Parkway, which was completed in 2006, and now connects Newport Road in Menifee to Highway 79 in Winchester.

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  1. Sharon Racz

    September 27, 2013

    The video clip is of them blasting the hard-rock to allow them to remove it and continue grading the road. Pretty cool.

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