Staff Page

You may contact any of our staff by calling (951) 696-0600 followed by their extension.

Management Team

Daniel L. Stephenson Founder & Chairman x300 contact
Jim Lytle President x344 contact
Steven Van Houten Chief Financial Officer x366 contact
Sharon Racz Associate Vice President Marketing Division x388 contact
Dan Long
Director of Development x367 contact
Gregg Linhoff Assistant Director of Development x306 contact
Celeste Ducharme
Vice President Self-Storage Development x307 contact

Support Team

Cindy Smith Executive Assistant to Dan Stephenson x333 contact
Melissa Endresen Controller x311 contact
Lori Huot Accounts Payable Lead Analyst x359 contact
Tami Collins Accountant x398 contact
Penny Hoy Accounts Payable Clerk x312 contact
Monica Howard Senior Accountant x313 contact
James Flores Digital Engagement Manager x354 contact
Shaana Callies Digital Marketing Specialist x346 contact
Lory Ryder Digital Media Specialist x356 contact