Connecting the Missing Link

The “Missing Link”, not the term often thrown around by the media to describe fossils that are believed to bridge the evolutionary split between higher primates such as monkeys, apes, and humans - as I am more of a creation guy myself anyway. I am talking about something else, but which seemed to be as equally elusive. I am talking about the missing link to the Potable Water in Winchester Ranch required to energize the major “missing” north and south of Domenigoni Parkway.

Conestoga, the area of development along the parkway that has been dormant for too long, and has been lovingly referred to as the Phoenix rising "Out of the Ashes", by me of course, is seeing tractors and pipeline contractors back at work again.

You may remember the first major piece of infrastructure to be completed last year was the backbone sewer line along the south side of Salt Creek. Sewer line in, check!

Sewer does no one any good unless you have water and there are three major backbone construction projects related to potable water. We call them the Low Zone, High Zone and “Missing Link.” The first of those three major projects is under construction now, will be completed by October 2016. If you are traveling along the parkway at the intersection of State Route 79 and Domenigoni, and notice major construction heading east, then you have found the “Missing Link.” This will charge the existing water lines in the parkway supplying water to over 3,400 new homes planned for the area.

The High Zone water system which supplies water to homes with higher elevations, hence “High Zone,” is also under construction from Patterson and Simpson to Rice and Domenigoni. This Potable Water project will be completed by January 2017 and supply water to another 2,000 homes. In keeping with all of my water conservation friends out there, the Reclaimed Water system which will irrigate all of the landscaping along the Parkway and to the three beautifully designed parks is also under construction with completion scheduled for January 2017 as well.

What about electricity, cable TV, Internet and phone lines, for those of you who actually still use land lines, yes that is under construction too. The “Dry Utilities” as they are called are under construction from Lindenburger Road to State Route 79 along the Parkway and will supply all of those needed facilities to energize the homes and light the new ball fields.

All of this major infrastructure is needed and thought to be an insurmountable task, and it would be, had it not been for numerous private public partnerships and great leadership, as outlined in my blog post "And So We Did."  Soon all of the challenges will be behind us and new homes, schools and parks will soon be under construction creating jobs and affordable housing in a creative new community called Conestoga at Winchester Ranch, although I will always refer to it as Phoenix Ranch myself.

See, I told you this was a story about creation.

For questions about this project or upcoming lot sales, please give me a call, the Phoenix is Rising and rising fast!

Jim Lytle
Managing Director,
The Rancon Group

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