The Phoenix Rises

Let the Phoenix rise! A lot has been happening in Winchester Ranch over the past few years. The property has been re-consolidated into the hands of a few savvy and still capable Developers. New incentives were used with Public Agencies like EMWD and Private Partnerships such as with Strata Equity and the Rancon Group. On November 19, 2014, EMWD approved the Salt Creek Sewer contract! We call it the BAD! BAD stands for Benefit Assessment District and EMWD, in cooperation with a Rancon Partnership, has awarded the contract that will install the Salt Creek Sewer. Estimated completion late 3rd quarter 2015. We have been joking that BAD is GOOD, and it is! Please check out the attached agenda item link which was unanimously approved.

EMWD Approval Letter

What about the Water? Stay tuned for "Groundbreaking" announcements. Remember the "Missing Link?" Pull out your archives because this is a history lesson. Two major water facilities were needed in Winchester Ranch, a low and a high pressure system. The high pressure system was burdened by an expensive lift station and a water tank. Not anymore......

Now that is a teaser for my next release. Stay tuned as the Phoenix takes flight!

Jim Lytle, Managing Director
The Rancon Group

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