Success: In Real Estate Investing – It starts with surrounding yourself with Rancon!

Success:  It starts with surrounding yourself with people with superstar talent.  Those leaders who mentor, nurture, reward and retain their people are the most successful leaders, and the most successful organizations.   The fit of an individual in a company is as important, if not more important, than their skill level.  Do they like being there?  Why?  You can train skills - you cannot train attitudes.  Successful Leaders have the ability to pull talent and skill together.  Talented people want to be with other talented people.  Who doesn’t want to be on the “Winning Team”?  Remember Tom Sawyer and the enthusiasm and excitement he created while painting the fence.  Soon that excitement became contagious, and everyone joined in painting the fence.  The tedious task became fun and successful!

Leaders are examples in themselves.  Trust, Integrity, Character, they are Honest in their organization and in their personal lives.

What does this have to do with Real Estate, Capital Markets or Investing?   EVERYTHING!

Rancon Group is an organization that possess all of those attributes mentioned earlier.  These core beliefs and attitudes have contributed to the successes everyone shares in everyday.  It is amazing to tour around this valley and see the Industrial, Retail, Office and Home Developments that bear the monogram, “A RANCON DEVELOPMENT”.  These developments go back 40 years to our present portfolio of properties and Master Planned Communities that, to the naked eye, just look like farm land.  Most people have no idea that what they are looking at has already been entitled and mapped for a Rancon Development – it is just waiting for the next successful market cycle.  And as surely as I write this, there will be another up cycle. 

So, if you wonder why we at Rancon always have a smile on our face and a positive attitude, it is because our core values have never changed in 40 years or 5 Real Estate cycles.  We look excitedly toward the future and, with Trust and Integrity, manage our Investors’ Real Assets mitigating the negative impacts better than anyone else in the Business.  40 years of Trust and Integrity!  And it shows, in the personalities and on the faces of the extremely talented individuals that make up the Rancon Group.  

Success:  In Real Estate Investing - it starts with surrounding yourself with Rancon!



Jim Lytle


Jim Lytle


  1. Sue Wisdom

    September 2, 2011

    Congrats; good blog and an excited company to be a part of. Keep up the good work.

  2. Patrick Garot

    September 6, 2011

    Good job, look forward to seeing more!

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