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Rancon’s proven development process has paved the way for some of the Inland Empire’s best master-planned business parks, residential communities, and industrial facilities. Since 1971, Rancon partnerships have created more than 3,700,000 square feet of office, commercial, and industrial space, and have developed more than 14,000 acres of residential land in The Inland Empire. The projects listed here include both properties that we've developed and sold, and properties that are in our development process.

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Aham Tor Building

Aham Tor was one of the first manufacturing buildings on the Jefferson Avenue Corridor.

Arbor Village

Rancon acquisition and income property.

Heliport and Fire Station

Heliport and Fire Station serving Tri-City Corporate Centre.

Carnegie Business Center II B

The Carnegie buildings built by Rancon in the 1980s set the tone for R&D office development.

Carnegie Business Center II A

Carnegie Business Center II A at Tri-City.

Carnegie Business Center I B

Flex Office in great location at Tri-City.

Carnegie Business Center IA

Carnegie Business Center is flex-use industrial complex at Tri-City Corporate Centre.

Promotional Retail Center

Promotional Retail Center offer “Big Box” uses at Tri-City Corporate Centre.

One Carnegie Plaza

One Carnegie Plaza is a beautiful two-story office complex adjacent to a tree-lined central courtyard.

Two Vanderbilt Way

Another beautiful building at Tri-City Corporate Centre. Now home to Inland Empire Health Care.

Service Retail Center

Service Retail Center at Tri-City Corporate Centre

Service Retail Center at Tri-City is a stunning mixed-use retail complex.

One Vanderbilt Way

One Vanderbilt is a class-act at Tri-City Corporate Centre. Class A office with all the amenities.