Crossroads at Winchester Ranch

Location: Winchester Ranch

Timeframe: Available

Project Lead: Jim Lytle ·

Crossroads at Winchester Ranch will feature single-family detached, and multi-family free-standing units on approximately 150 acres at the eastern border of Winchester Ranch, a master-themed, multi-developer residential community in the Winchester Valley. The property is located at the major intersection of Winchester Road (Hwy 79) and Domenigoni Parkway.

669 Free-standing lots to be developed as SFDs and SFAs

2,500 SF to 5,000 SF minimum lot sizes

EIR in place

Specific Plan 288 in place

This project is located at a major new intersection at State Highway 79 (Winchester Road) and Domenigoni Parkway. The intersection was completed in 2013 along with major improvements to Highway 79, which connects with the French Valley and Temecula. Riverside County (RCTC) is currently working with Caltrans to map an extension of the highway through Hemet / San Jacinto eventually creating a new corridor connecting the I-15 in Temecula to the I-10 in Beaumont.

Crossroads at Winchester is a strategically located project that will anchor a new wave of residential and commercial development for area.

This Tentative Tract Map is in the approval process pending an amended SPA that will benefit the project. This project will conform to the general theme of Winchester Ranch regarding design guidelines, and may participate in shared infrastructure improvements with participating developers. Crossroads at Winchester Ranch is located approximately one-mile east of the City of Menifee, and about 10 miles northwest of the "Twin Cities" of  Temecula and Murrieta.