French Valley 41

Location: French Valley, Winchester, CA

Timeframe: SOLD

Project Lead: Jim Lytle ·
(951) 696-0600 ext. 344

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French Valley 41 is an infill project approved for 41 single family lots that is ready to grade. This is a turn-key single family residential project in a prime area of Southwest Riverside County. It is located off of State Highway 79 North in the French Valley, which was one of the fastest growing areas in Southwest Riverside County during the mid-point of the past decade. The property is within the Winchester 1800 Specific Plan and is just outside the city limits of Temecula.

Access to the property is off of State Highway 79 / Winchester Road via Thompson to Pourroy Road. The property is located on the northeast corner of Pourroy and Jubilee roads. The property has an approved Tentative Tract Map 33307, and 90 percent of off-site utility improvements have been completed. There are no performance bonds in-tract or off-site required to maintain the property and no HOA has been formed. French Valley 41 lies within CFD 07-2 which is the Clinton Keith Community Facilities District.

This project requires only minimal development and little or no entitlement risk. The Rancon Group is pleased to offer this Class A residential property for sale to a qualified merchant builder or investment entity

Take Winchester Road (Hwy 79 North) to Thompson Road. Turn East on Thompson Road to Pourroy Road. Take Pourroy Road North to Yates Road. The property is on the northeast corner of Pourroy Road and Jubilee Road; southeast corner of Pourroy Road and Yates Road.

Project Description
  • TTM 33307
  • 41 single-family lots 3.18 du / acre
  • 8,000 Square Foot Minimum Lot Size
  • 12.88 acres