Murrieta Hot Springs-20

Location: Murrieta

Timeframe: Available

Project Lead: Jim Lytle ·
951.696.0600 Ext. 344

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Murrieta Hot Springs-20 is the working title for a 23.68-acre parcel in the City of Murrieta that has both commercial and mixed-use potential. This is one of the last undeveloped commercial parcels in the southeastern sector of the City.

Project Description

  • 23.68 gross acres in Murrieta, CA
  • 5.68 gross acres Commercial Parcel
  • 18.05-acre Commercial Parcel
  • Premium location at future City “Crossroads”
  • Entitlements secured for 2-acre Commercial site
  • One of the last undeveloped commercial parcels in this sector of the City

The two-acre parcel will be divided into two lots and will likely be developed as a gas station and convenience complex. The remaining 18 acres will be entitled and developed according to the City's master plan for the area, which could include a mixed-use element with stores, restaurants and multifamily residential uses.


Located in the City of Murrieta, CA, the property is located just east of the I-15/I-215 intersection at the Murrieta Hot Springs exit and just west of the north-south thoroughfare Highway 79 North (Winchester Road).

  • The French Valley Parkway (Date Road) extension is planned to pass through the subject site and connect with Murrieta Hot Springs Road with a new lighted intersection.
  • The French Valley Parkway (Date Road) will also extend south to the I-215 where a new off-ramp will be built giving the subject site increased freeway access.