Redhawk Valley 44

Location: Temecula

Timeframe: SOLD

Project Lead: John Johnson ·
951.677.1800 Ext. 122

Redhawk Valley 44

Redhawk Valley 44 is located in the southeastern region of the Temecula Valley and is one of the last parcels of buildable land left in the area. It features 44 lots on almost 20 gross acres in the heart of  the Southern Temecula Valley, which is the highest valued residential area in Southwest Riverside County. It features 7,200 square-foot minimum lot sizes with many lots more than 9,000 square feet. Redhawk Valley 44 has exceptional views of the Temecula Valley. It is in an unincorporated area, adjacent to the City of Temecula and is accessible by Anza Road, which is scheduled for a major upgrade by the County.


Tentative Tract Map 32778

  • 44 Residential Lots
  • 19.92 Gross Acres
  • Final Map Ready to Process

Redhawk Valley 44 is a sister property, and should be developed in conjunction with Mt. Palomar Estates, which is located just west of the project. Both properties have major upside potential for Class A residential development.