City of Temecula

The City of Temecula has been the economic engine of Southwest Riverside County for the past 24 years. Along with neighboring Murrieta, Temecula started booming in the 1980s and has grown continually since. It has been rated as one of the safest cities to live in the United States, and also as one of the top-10 cities in the state in which to do business. Today, Temecula is estimated to be more than 91 percent built out of residential space.

The City of Temecula was incorporated in December of 1989. It encompasses approximately 30 square miles and is bordered by San Diego County to the south, the City of Murrieta to the north, and unincorporated area of Riverside County to the east and the Santa Rosa Mountains to the west.

Temecula has a rich and storied history dating back to the mid-1800s. It was a stop on the Butterfield Stage Line, had a Pony Express station and had one of the first United States Post Offices in California. The city has been the leader in residential, commercial and industrial growth for Southwest Riverside County since the early 1980s.

From the renovation of Old Town Temecula, to the Community Theater, Children’s’ Museum, Sports Park, library and new Civic Center complex, the City of Temecula has excelled at efficiency, with excellence in the design, construction and implementation of public facilities.

• Incorporated in December of 1989
• 37.18 Square Miles
• Population of approximately 104,879 up from  57,716 in 2000 [1]
• Approximately 33,194 housing units in 2010 [2]
• Estimated 35,270 housing units in 2015, & 36,321 in 2020 [2]
• Residential space approximately 91% built out [3]

The City of Temecula is home to an extension of California State University San Marcos, and multiple private universities including University of Phoenix and the University of Redlands. City planners have a long-range goal of attracting at least one more large university to the area to help fuel economic development. The new Temecula Valley Hospital features all private rooms, and a 20-bed intensive care unit (ICU). In addition this cutting-edge facility has six high-tech surgical suites, digital imaging capabilities, and an advanced electronic clinical information system.

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