Land Development


Rancon’s proven development process is driven by the simple philosophy of what is the highest and best use for a specific property. Our team of highly skilled and knowledgeable professionals takes a holistic approach to development. They ask: What is best for the land owner? What is best for the area? What does the market need? Will this project be right for the community?

  • We envision the right project for the right place
  • We complete environmental and engineering studies
  • We entitle the property for its highest and best use
  • We complete all horizontal development in preparation for sale to end-developer
    or hand off to Rancon’s Construction Department
  • We complete vertical development

Taking raw land and creating a profitable development project is complex. It starts with a vision, and then quickly moves to the mundane tasks of surveying, environmental testing and reporting, geology tests, initial engineering, etc. Once all the facts have been gathered, the project will enter the approval process which can take from one to three years or more.

The Rancon Group is vastly experienced in “horizontal development,” meaning the development that happens on a property before “dirt” is turned. This includes zoning changes and entitlements, engineering and other land improvements that enhance a property’s value.

In addition, over the years Rancon partnerships have built millions of square feet of office, retail, restaurants and industrial projects. Village Walk Square, Village Walk and Europa Village are three of our most recent projects. Tri-City Corporate Centre in San Bernardino is a millennium project that put Rancon’s vertical development team on the map.

The bottom line is to develop a property that will satisfy the partnership investment, and will stand the test of time.