Property Acquisition


The Rancon Group specializes in land due diligence, and has more than 40 years of experience in evaluating properties within The Inland Empire of Southern California. This experience and local knowledge gives our acquisition team the edge when it comes time to buy.

  • We buy at the right time
  • We determine a property’s highest and best use
  • We acquire through all cash purchase or land contribution joint venture
  • We strive to deliver an exceptional return on investment for  partners

An essential part of the process is to determine a potential property’s highest and best use.  What does the market need?  What does the community need? What will make this property better for the area, and profitable for the partnership?

Once a land opportunity has been identified with a return potential of more than three-to-one, the acquisition team goes to work to bring the property into a partnership portfolio.

We typically acquire land through all-cash purchases, or by joint venturing with land owners who contribute their land toward a profitable disposition.  In addition, the Rancon Group can create joint venture agreements with capital investors to acquire properties.

Using our proven land development process, the Rancon Group team brings the property through the entitlement process gathering maps, engineering, zoning, etc. to make the property ready for “vertical” development. See Land Development for more details.